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Who We Are

We are a Canadian-based technology / Software company specialising in repairing devices for mobile phones, laptop and desktop computers and tablets.  Our professional industry experts have over 25 years of experience in a wide range variety of technological devices.

We work on your behalf to get you the best prices for laptops and desktop computers for your company or your personal use. We work with our suppliers to get your custom machine ( Desktop only). We bring the machine to your office or home and set it up for you ( All based on the COVID-19 restrictions and situations).

We provide remote desktop support for all your existing machines (Desktops, Laptops).    

We have custom software development and web sites creation division. We build your web site and host it for you as well as any custom software you need for your company. We have already made many different web applications for schools and daycare as well as  Garage repairs and technical companies like ours with ticketing/Bugs Task management system as well as Technical business to handle contracts / Invoicing and other aspect of the business.

We pride ourselves with our dedication to customer satisfaction and the success of our partners. We firmly believe that the success and growth of our customers determines the success and growth of our company. We are looking forward to serving you.